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Entry Page title
Number of visits that started on this page.
Number of visits that started and ended on this page. This means that the visitor left the website after viewing only this page.
Bounce Rate
The percentage of visits that started on this page and left the website straight away.
Bounce Rate
Internet Archaeology - Open Access Journal. International, peer-reviewed research. Home page  10.3%591  7.9%267 45%
Internet Archaeol. 42. Arwill-Nordbladh. Viking Age Hair  10%574  14.8%497 87%
Internet Archaeology 11. Steptoe and Wood  2%113  2.3%76 67%
Internet Archaeol. Issue 44. Digital Creativity in Archaeology. Table of Contents  1.9%109  2.1%72 66%
Internet Archaeol. Issue 26. Implement Petrology theme. Table of Contents  1.3%73  0.2%8 11%
After Virtual Archaeology. Summary. Beale and Reilly. Internet Archaeol. 44.  1.2%67  1.1%38 57%
The Insta-Dead: The rhetoric of the human remains trade on Instagram. Huffer and Graham. Internet Archaeol. 45.  1.1%63  1.5%51 81%
Internet Archaeol. 35. Thompson and Skaggs. Summary. King Solomon's Silver? Southern Phoenician Hacksilber Hoards and the Location of Tarshish  1.1%63  1%35 56%
Internet Archaeol. 30. Ashby. An Atlas of Medieval Combs from Northern Europe. Summary  1%59  0.7%23 39%
Internet Archaeol. 40. Atkinson and Preston. Objects of personal adornment and dress (FF 1)  1%58  0.9%29 50%
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