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Number of visits that started on this page.
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Bounce Rate
Internet Archaeology - Open Access Journal. International, peer-reviewed research. Home page  12.6%818  10.7%385 47%
Internet Archaeology 11. Steptoe and Wood  4.5%291  6.2%222 76%
Big questions for large, complex datasets: approaching time and space using composite object assemblages. Cooper and Green. Internet Archaeol. 45. Summary  3.1%201  2.5%90 45%
Copy Protection in Jet Set Willy: developing methodology for retrogame archaeology. Aycock and Reinhard. Internet Archaeol. 45. Summary  2.5%160  2.2%78 49%
Digital Archaeological Heritage: an introduction. May. Internet Archaeol. 43.  1.2%79  1.6%59 75%
Internet Archaeol. 40. Milner et al. A Unique Engraved Shale Pendant from the Site of Star Carr: the oldest Mesolithic art in Britain. Summary.  0.8%53  0.6%21 40%
Internet Archaeol. 42. Firpi. Review of A Review of Google Earth Engine for Archaeological Remote Sensing  0.8%53  1.2%44 83%
Internet Archaeol. 40. Atkinson and Preston. Objects of personal adornment and dress (FF 1)  0.8%50  1%37 74%
Digital Archaeological Heritage. EAC symposium proceedings. Table of Contents. Internet Archaeology 43.  0.7%45  0.7%24 53%
Internet Archaeol. 40. Atkinson and Preston. The Late Iron Age and Roman Pottery  0.6%42  0.6%21 50%
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