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Number of visits that started on this page.
Number of visits that started and ended on this page. This means that the visitor left the website after viewing only this page.
Bounce Rate
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Bounce Rate
Internet Archaeology - Open Access Journal. International, peer-reviewed research. Home page  10%675  7.9%321 48%
Big Data on the Roman Table. Table of Contents. Internet Archaeology 50.  8.3%564  7.2%293 52%
Internet Archaeol. 42. Arwill-Nordbladh. Viking Age Hair  3.9%261  5.7%233 89%
Internet Archaeology 11. Steptoe and Wood  1.7%117  2.2%91 78%
Copy Protection in Jet Set Willy: developing methodology for retrogame archaeology. Aycock and Reinhard. Internet Archaeol. 45.  1.4%96  2.1%84 88%
From the Spreadsheet to the Table? Using 'spot-dating' level pottery records from Roman London to explore functional trends among open vessel forms. Marshall and Seeley. Internet Archaeol. 50. Summary  1%67  1%40 60%
Appendix 3. The Clay Tobacco Pipes. Mid-17th century. Corcos et al. Internet Archaeol. 45.  0.9%63  1.3%52 83%
Internet Archaeol. 42. Firpi. Review of A Review of Google Earth Engine for Archaeological Remote Sensing  0.8%57  1.2%48 84%
Internet Archaeol. 40. Atkinson and Preston. Commerce and communications (FF 6 and 7)  0.7%50  0.9%38 76%
A review of 'Viking Quest" (online game based on 'Blood of the Vikings')  0.6%44  0.6%26 59%
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